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To the Rescue: Going Whole Hog

Officers save neglected piglets in rural Maryland

Officers save neglected piglets in rural Maryland

No one knows how long the animals were there—at least, no one’s volunteering the information—but on March 9, a utility worker called the Animal Management Division of Prince George’s County to report several pigs living without food, water, or shelter. When Officer Rosemary Vozobule arrived at the property in Brandywine, Md., she found eight piglets in a filthy pen made from wood pallets.

Desperate for food, the piglets followed Vozobule as she walked around their makeshift pen. They’d soon get some much needed nourishment, but a littermate wasn’t so lucky—Vozobule also found the body of a dead piglet. The rest of the property was full of trash, car parts, and other debris, and the nearby house was run down, with no evidence of human habitation.

Vozobule called Terri Littlejohn, assistant associate director of animal management, who arrived soon after. “It was, for lack of a better word, a pigsty,” says Littlejohn. “Just absolutely disgusting. … They were in mud [and feces]. ... It was almost like quicksand.”

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