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Wild Things: Tree Squirrels

Andrew Dean/
It’s a bit peculiar, really, how we humans seem to at once adore and revile squirrels. Some of us admire their ingenuity, impressive aerial acrobatics, and nut-gathering work ethic, while others curse them for gobbling up the birdseed we set out for their feathered competitors. Some of us, in fact, do both.

Squirrels inspire strong opinions, and round about September, more of them will be appearing. They usually give birth to two litters per year—one arriving in late winter or early spring, the second batch coming in late summer or early fall. Squirrel-related inquiries to the shelter during this season will often be from folks worried about squirrels nesting in their attics, chimneys, or other inappropriate places. Passing on info on squirrel habits and humane exclusion techniques will help calm these panicky callers.

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