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People Power: A Georgia Berry Who's a Real Peach

A volunteer finds her niche aiding rescue operations

When responders arrive at the scene of a major cruelty bust, the amount of suffering laid out before them can be overwhelming. From puppy mills to the homes of hoarders to dogfighting pits, these rescuers work against the worst acts people commit against animals, determined to help these creatures survive, and ideally go on to experience some of the best that life has to offer.

It’s a dirty job, but Jane Berry loves to do it.

A Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) volunteer from north Georgia, Berry’s memories of dogs being led away from their abusive owners sustain her. She regards helping get those animals to better lives as some of the most important work she’s done.

With her combination of dedication, animal-handling experience, and engaging personality, Berry has become a vital part of the fieldwork executed by The HSUS’s End Animal Cruelty and Fighting Campaign.

“I think I just found my niche,” says Berry, who was presented with a Humane Recognition Award at The HSUS’s Humane Law Enforcement Awards ceremony last September. The Humane Recognition Award is given annually to members of the public who contribute to animal rescues and the enforcement of animal protection laws.

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