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To the Rescue: Tower of Power

Nevada kitty climbs to new heights—then learns the value of an exit strategy

Many cats venture no higher than the upper reaches of their kitty condos, the warm surface atop refrigerators, or the occasional bookcase. They enjoy having high perching spots from which to survey the territory, just like their big brethren in the wild.

But one kitty in Nevada carried things a little too far, and required help from local animal welfare groups to follow the old rule that what goes up must come down.

It was early March when Washoe County Regional animal services officer Cindy Doak responded to a report of a cat stranded in the crook of a power pole, some 40 feet up, in a rural, windswept part of the county, which encompasses the cities of Reno and Sparks. People who live nearby and others who’d driven past had been calling her department to alert officers to the cat’s situation.

So Doak went to check it out, and quickly verified that the cat was still there—and that there was no way she could rescue him without assistance. She notified her supervisors, who contacted a local company with a boom truck—the kind with an extendable arm with a basket at the end for a person to stand in—that had helped in other instances when cats had gotten stuck out of the reach of animal control officers.

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