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Volunteer Management: The Tracks of My Volunteers

Improve your program by getting to know your people

We live in the Information Age, but sometimes it seems like the flood of information simply leaves us overwhelmed. For shelter volunteer programs trying to keep their heads above water, figuring out which information to track is just as critical as figuring out how to track it.

Gathering and maintaining information about your volunteers is important on many levels. You need the small details—which volunteers are providing service at which times, for example—but you also need the larger perspective on what type of community support your organization has, as measured by volunteer time and effort.

Regardless of whether they give a financial gift in addition to their time, volunteers are donors, and they deserve the same kind of care and maintenance as your financial donors. You need to have an understanding of who they are and how they're connected in your community. Gathering more information about your volunteers is a matter of resource mapping, which leads to a better understanding of what skills and abilities your organization has at its disposal.

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