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Coffee Break: Your Most Successful Collaboration

What’s the most successful collaboration you’ve been a part of? That’s the question we asked for this issue’s Coffee Break. Have you held a great joint adopt-a-thon? Do you provide your local humane society with field services? Whether you got together with another shelter to respond to a disaster, or joined with a local school district to provide humane education, you told us about your best team efforts.

Young at Heart Pet Rescue recently put together a Super Senior Save rescue mission in collaboration with a local open-door shelter [and] a local animal foundation, as well as a veterinary hospital and grooming/boarding facility, in order to save over a dozen senior dogs and cats at one time. Being a small organization that specializes in senior pets, we can usually only rescue one or two seniors at a time, but with everyone working together, we were able to rescue a dozen senior pets in one fell swoop! Not only did this alleviate some of the space issues at the local shelter, but the mission garnered some local press as well, encouraging readers to go to their local shelter or rescue and check out their senior pets for adoption. It was so successful, we’ll be making this a biannual event.

Dawn Kemper, executive director, Young at Heart Pet Rescue, Palatine, Illinois

In May, our team decided to respond to the growing need for help in the Midwest. Two of our board members, our lead veterinarian, and our veterinary technician volunteered their time for over a week to help animals in a temporary shelter in Kennett, Mo. We also organized transport for over 30 animals back to Ohio to local rescue groups for placement. Some of the animals required medical care before placement, and we raised money to care for them before we placed them for adoption.

Melanie deHaan, medical director, Shelter Outreach Services of Ohio, Columbus, Ohio

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