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Shelter Medicine: Meow ... Cat Chow!

Feeding kitties in the shelter

While shelters can’t always feed their cats the equivalent of a five-star meal, providing proper nutrition is a key element of kitty care.

Nutrition has a profound impact on animal health. Not only is it essential for management of body weight and condition, good nutrition also supports immune function—a particularly important factor in a shelter setting. Keeping in mind that cats are true carnivores, it’s no wonder that they possess much higher protein requirements than do dogs and humans. They also lack the ability to synthesize essential nutrients like taurine and vitamin A, which would have been present in their prey. This makes it crucial to feed cats only nutritionally complete, commercially prepared feline diets specifically designed to meet their unique nutritional needs. And of course, clean fresh water should always be available.

That’s just the beginning. Here’s a guide to help you keep your cats well-fed, trim, and healthy.

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