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To the Rescue: Their Aim is True

Volunteers, veterinarians pull together and hit the target to save badly wounded cat

If a cat shot through the chest with an arrow could be said to be lucky, then this cat was lucky.

In March, a resident of Dunnellon—a community in Florida’s Marion County—contacted Sheltering Hands, a local rescue group, to report a black-and-white cat with an arrow sticking through his chest wandering the neighborhood. The resident knew the cat to be friendly with children, but she didn’t know who owned him.

Marion County sheriff’s deputies and the county’s animal services department were contacted, but they couldn’t trap the injured cat because the length of the arrow sticking through him made it impossible for him to enter a standard trap.

After a week of failed attempts to capture the kitty, Leslie Hinson, treasurer of Sheltering Hands, stepped in and spent several nights trying to coax him into a large dog trap.

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