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Coffee Break: What the Animal Protection Movement Needs More (and Less) Of

For this issue’s Coffee Break, we asked you what the animal protection movement needs more of—whether it’s money, innovative thinking, adopters, or something else. We also asked you about the things you think we could do without, things that you’d subtract from our field. You responded with calls for organizations to work together, boost our humane education programs, and more efforts to direct our message of caring for animals to the folks who need to hear it most.

  • Putting together the puzzle of animal protection


Based upon my shelter experience, I would say low-cost or free spay/neuter options available for the community. In this economy especially, owners are struggling, and the poor simply cannot spay or neuter their animals, as it’s prohibitively expensive.

Lynda Nesbitt, volunteer, Pinal County Animal Care and Control, Stanfield, Arizona

There are so many groups out there—large and small—that do terrific work on behalf of animals. Each one seems to have its own special niche with its own set of priorities, resources, and capabilities. I would like to see a greater emphasis on working together instead of each functioning in its own little “silo.” We should create a central repository of all the recognized organizations and a way to network in order to help even more animals.

Linda Caradine, executive director, Other Mothers Animal Rescue Inc., Portland, Oregon

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