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Getting Black (and Mostly Black) Cats Adopted

  • Black cat held by person

    Looking to improve your luck in adopting out black cats? Consider an adoption event with a creative theme. ISTOCKPHOTO

Forget the old myths about not adopting black cats on Halloween or Friday the 13th—promotions on these days can be very helpful. Just be sure to put a positive spin on the promotion (“Make Their Friday the 13th Lucky!” could be a tagline). Restricting adoption of black cats during these times is a bad idea. A good screening process for adopters should eliminate concerns over the cats becoming victims of pranksters or those wandering bands of satanic cults shelters used to be so suspicious about!

To get your inky cats noticed, house them in prime viewing locations in top-tier cages, and try to herd potential adopters to your adults before they reach the kittens. Black cats can also be great candidates for satellite adoption locations, where potential adopters can get to know them individually, without the flashier cats around to draw attention. Promote these events on your website, through social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter, in your newsletter, and through the local media.

In addition to adorning your midnight kitties with colorful bandanas, rhinestone collars, and brightly colored nail caps, shelters suggest using cat-chy strategies, plus reduced adoption fees, to get your undercats adopted. Here are some dark ideas!

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