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Minding Their Manners

  • Pit bull


Like most dogs, pit bulls don’t kennel well for long periods of time. On average, after two weeks in a kennel environment, a dog’s behavior starts to decline.

Some of the more typical behaviors dogs develop include jumping manically at the cage doors when people approach, jumping up on people, and pulling hard on the leash when walking.

When a potential adoptive family approaches a cage to meet a dog, excessive jumping and manic behavior can often be enough to dissuade them from considering the overeager pooch. But if that same family approaches a cage door and the dog on the other side runs forward and sits while wagging her tail and wiggling her body, those behaviors could easily be that dog’s ticket to her new home!

Impulse control is a tough concept for any dog, and we all know how hard it can be for our little bully-breed buddies. But shelter staff and volunteers can play a big part in helping curb these behaviors by putting simple-yet-effective procedures in place. Give it a try! The goal is to teach the dogs to sit, and remain sitting, until the cage gate opens.

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