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September-October 2013
Table of Contents

Cover of Sep-Oct 2013 issue of Animal Sheltering magazine


For Community Cats, a Change is Gonna Come

Veterinarian Kate Hurley knows the staggering toll of the euthanasia of healthy cats in shelters. It's evidence, she argues, that the current sheltering model isn't working for cats, and needs to be changed. Picking up and euthanizing healthy feral and unowned cats doesn’t protect them, other pets, wildlife, or human health, nor does it help control feline overpopulation. But what should we be doing instead? Some shelters are starting to work on new approaches.

Location, Location, Location

It's hard for shelters to attract adopters when they're located next to a sewage treatment plant, the local landfill, or stuck in the middle of nowhere—a fact of life for many organizations that, historically, have been dealt a bad hand when it comes to real estate. Even a sparkling new facility isn't a guarantee of success if it's in a part of town few want to visit. Find out how some organizations are pulling up stakes to improve their fortunes, and what they're doing to find a place in the spotlight.

The "101" Department: Free to a Good Home

There was a time when the concept of adopting out "free" cats would prompt a chorus of hisses from cat advocates. Not so much anymore, as the idea of fee-waived cat adoptions is catching on in shelters coast to coast. Not only is this approach emptying adoption floors of harder-to-place adults, but the data show adopters love these kitties just as much, and return rates remain the same. It's enough to turn those hisses into purrs.


President's Note



Healthy Perspectives: Don't Believe Everything You Think

If you tell the story of what happened in your life today, how much of what you tell will be strictly factual, and how much will be your interpretation of those facts? It's hard to stop our minds from jumping to conclusions, and concocting stories based on our own biases, interpretations, and assumptions. And when those assumptions are negative, it can affect our mental health. Learn to be aware of the gap between What Actually Happened and What You Make Up About It—and why it matters.

Culture Corner

Books, movies, and other cool stuff for animal lovers.

Q & A: Carrie On

A stray, black-and-white kitty who wandered through the door to Dancing with the Stars judge Carrie Ann Inaba's L.A. home changed the trajectory of her life forever, awakening a deep sense of calling to help animals.

Rescue Central: Service with a Smile

If your rescue thinks success means simply taking care of and adopting out animals, think again. The animals are your beneficiaries. It's the two-legged beings who walk through your doors who are your true customers, and the success of your group depends on how well you serve them. Here's how to make the people you interact with feel welcome, important, and comfortable.

Shelter Medicine: Keeping the Golden Years Golden

Old age ain't for sissies—it's a tough stage of life for any pet, especially senior kitties who enter shelters with diminished physical or mental capacities. Shelter staff need to learn to recognize the signs of aging, how to assess an older cat's condition, the implications the aging process has for their health care, how to house them comfortably, and ideally, ways to find them new homes.

Unforgettable: From Puppy Mill Hell to Doing Quite Well

A Maltese and her pups go from hell to happiness.

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