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Webinar Series

Learn about rescue best practices from others in the field on your own time! Looking for a topic that isn't here or want to present a webinar of your own? Contact us at

Can’t We All Just Get Along? Building Better Relationships between Shelters and Rescue Groups

Presenters: Jane Hoffman and Jody Jones

Despite shared goals of increasing adoptions and decreasing euthanasia rates, shelters and rescue groups sometimes have strained relationships. In this webinar, we discuss concerns that might lead to mistrust and ways we can move forward in healthy and productive partnerships. Restoring the relationship between shelters and rescue groups is one of the easiest ways we can ensure that more animals leave the shelter system and are placed into good homes! Watch Now!

Customer Service in Animal Facilities: Tips for Dealing with Clients

Presenter: Jan Elster, M.A., Independent Consultant, Organizational Development and Change, assisting Animal Welfare and Animal Protection Groups

Many people who choose to work with animals – in shelters, clinics and other venues – sheepishly or proudly confide that they like animals more than people. The reality is, however, that protecting and caring for animals is only half the job. Working well with people is the unexpected, and sometimes challenging, other half. Recognizing that dealing with people in animal facilities can be emotionally difficult, this webinar will help participants understand the basic needs of customers, and what interactions are likely to create tension or anger in an encounter. It will give examples of how to bring positive energy to each interpersonal exchange; will help participants understand how “Ego 101” factors in, and will examine three “hot tips” for beginning and maintaining a sane, satisfactory relationship with customers so that the goal of ensuring animals’ welfare is met. Watch Now!

Fosters: Animal Rescue Rock Stars!

Presenters: Jme Thomas and Kara Main-Hester, Ph.D.

Building a foster network is critical to maintaining the health and socialization of animals in rescue situations. This webinar will share the experiences and strategy of two very different organizations and how they manage their foster programs. Participants will learn how to better find, empower, train and retain foster individuals and families. Guidelines and best practices shared from the perspective of these two successful organizations will help participants improve their strategies for success and keep fostered animals moving to loving final homes. Watch Now!

Building and Maintaining a Volunteer Program for Animal Rescues

Presenter: Hilary Anne Hager, Director, National Volunteer Center, The Humane Society of the United States

Volunteers often make up the vast majority of a rescue group’s workforce. Recruiting, motivating, and keeping great volunteers is critical to a rescue organization's mission and survival. In this webinar, participants will learn about the “crisis chaos spiral” caused by a lack of volunteer program structure, different volunteer program models and how to determine which works best for an organization. Participants will also learn how to build a strong volunteer management infrastructure, write effective and useful job descriptions, and find and keep the right people for their organization. Watch Now!

Finding Funding in a Slow Economy: Tips for Identifying and Successfully Applying for Grants

Presenter: Abby Volin, the Rescue Group Coordinator at The Humane Society of the United States

Although winning the lottery would be nice, your odds on finding funding for your animal rescue are significantly better if you know how to successfully apply for grants. Learn which corporate and private grant-making organizations are out there and how to find them. Discover the elements of a successful grant application, the buzz words that give your application the best chance at receiving funding and what screeners look for in applications. Additionally, learn what you need to do within your organization before you even start the process. Watch Now!

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