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Best Practices for Rescues

Our knowledge about the science of animal care grows every day. The tools provided below can help your rescue be as humane, and professional, as possible.

The Five Freedoms

To live a good quality life, all animals, regardless of whether they reside in a home, kennel, laboratory, farm or shelter, must have all "Five Freedoms:" Freedom from Hunger & Thirst, Freedom from Discomfort, Freedom from Pain, Injury & Disease, Freedom to Express Normal Behaviors, and Freedom from Fear & Distress.

Quality animal care in every setting (shelters, kennels, rescues, etc.)

Humane Transport

Do you know your Humane Capacity for Care?

Animal Hoarding Resources

It’s an unfortunate aspect of our work, but rescuers can find themselves in over their heads and don’t know where to turn until it’s too late. An organization’s decision, intentional or not, to exceed capacity for humane care will ruin the lives of the animals and people involved. Please read these important articles and learn how to recognize signs of hoarding as well as resources to turn to if you or someone you know finds themselves going down this path.

Additional Professional Resources

Applicable State Laws, Regulations and Local Ordinances

Laws and ordinances specific to your jurisdiction may affect your policies and procedures. Contact your local State Veterinary Office or Department of Agriculture or visit for local statutory and regulatory information.


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