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Cost-Cutting Tips

You're working hard to earn every dollar. Use these tips, tools, and inspiration to help stretch them even further.

Tips and Guides


Find a Low-cost Spay/Neuter Program


Other Ideas for Saving Money

  • Contact your local pet store, big box store, grocery store, pet food and toys manufacturers for discounts on food, litter, toys and other supplies. Most stores aren’t able to use ripped bags and instead of throwing them away, can donate them to rescue groups and get a tax deduction for doing it.
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  • Check your city and county for surplus equipment sales – not just from upgraded offices, but also rehabilitation centers, halfway houses, police departments (confiscated items can be donated after they are no longer needed as evidence).
  • Ask your local hospital to donate infant eye medication, as well as used medical equipment.
  • There also other options (called crowdfunding) to raise funds for vet bills including YouCaring, CrowdFund Critters, Razoo, FirstGiving and Indiegogo.



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