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The HSUS's Shelter Design Packet

Our special design packet just for shelters includes information on how to figure what size shelter you'll need, how to choose an architect, materials, and much more! Download your free copy now to learn about:

  • Estimating the Number of Pets in Your Community
  • Estimating the Size and Cost of an Animal Shelter
  • Building a Safer Shelter
  • Special Design Considerations for Animal Shelters
  • Architectural and Animal Shelter Design Services
  • Getting Started
  • Listing of Possible Project Costs
  • Materials
  • HVAC, Odor, and Noise Control
  • Materials Suppliers
  • Design and Construction Project: Useful Definitions
  • Role of The Architect in Project Delivery Systems
  • Project Delivery Systems
  • Basic Management of Animal Housing Areas
  • Isolation Flow Charts
  • Shelter Design Packet

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