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Got a great handbook for volunteers? How about a set of guidelines for staff to help them oversee new recruits? Help your colleagues improve their volunteer management programs by submitting these materials for posting here on

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  • By submitting your file here, you are respresenting to us that you either own the copyright to the materials or are specifically authorized by the copyright owner to post the materials and that you and/or the copyright holder are authorizing The HSUS to publish the materials for use by others without restriction.
  • Currently we accept only Word documents and PDFs.
  • The HSUS retains sole discretion regarding which submissions will be posted. Further, The HSUS and its affiliates aren't endorsing any particular documents, but rather offering them as a resource only.
  • Please only submit files 5MB or smaller. If your file is larger than 5MB, please break it into smaller files and submit each separately. Files larger than 5MB will not be accepted.
  • For technical issues, please contact For general questions or comments, contact the National Volunteer Center team at

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