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  • Magazine Article

    Here Comes Santa Paws

    “Santa” Dylan Moore and volunteer “elf” Emily Lowman get ready to deliver a shelter dog to a new home.

    Holiday pet deliveries spread joy, boost shelter publicity

    When Albert wanted to adopt Twinkle, a young, energetic pit-bull-type, as a gift for his adult son last year, it wasn’t a problem for the Santa Fe Animal Shelter & Humane Society (SFASHS) in New Mexico. In fact, “Santa” was ready to bring the dog to the 20-something on Christmas Eve.

    When Dec. 24 rolled around, the delivery was a success. The son, laughing and completely surprised, immediately started rolling around on the ground, playing with his new friend.

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  • Magazine Article

    She Longed to Be … Part of Their World

    Adopters Douglas Dohr and Rachael Bulter were looking for a companion for their cat. They ended up finding his sister!

    A happy ending worthy of Disney

    Long-lost cat siblings Ariel and Sebastian have a Disneyesque happy ending.

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  • Magazine Article

    Body Doubles

    At the MSPCA at Nevins Farm, shy cats can relax while their photo cutouts charm potential adopters.

    Photo cutouts make connections for cats who aren't crowd-pleasers

    Mazzie didn’t perform for strangers.

    The longhaired brown tabby had been at the Massachusetts SPCA (MSPCA) at Nevins Farm for two months, and she’d been pulled off the adoption floor twice for nipping people. Her Petfinder profile had generated only one inquiry (from someone who didn’t read the part about her dislike of other cats).

    “We’d had no success with her,” says shelter director Michael Keiley, adding that Mazzie is declawed on her front and hind feet. “When she gets grumpy, she moves quickly to nipping.”

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  • Magazine Article

    Have Leash, Will Travel

    Staff member Meredith Kaufman helps to unload a St. Hubert’s transport van.

    Transport programs give animals a ticket to ride toward a new life

    It was a long journey. They weren’t always sure where they were headed, but someone told them that far away, there was a place for them. So they packed up their dreams and headed off to find a home.

    Just like the settlers of long ago, many of America’s companion animals are leaving the places they’re from in search of a better life.

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    Bad to the Bone

     A clever blog, YouTube video and graphics spoofing creepy TV shows and horror movies brought Eddie the Terrible worldwide attention—and eventually a loving home.

    Humane society learns to celebrate the perfectly imperfect

    A 13-pound Chihuahua recently joined the ranks of history’s notorious bad boys after an unusual marketing campaign for “the worst dog in America” went viral.

    Once a stray on the streets of Sunnyvale, Calif., Eddie arrived at the Humane Society of Silicon Valley (HSSV) in 2013. A behavioral assessment revealed that he hated other dogs, children and spending time in a crate. Staff quickly placed him in a foster home, where he began behavior modification training.

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    New Route to Adoption

    Kentucky Departure: Bearing dogs in their arms and over their shoulders, volunteers with the Bowling Green/Warren County Humane Society load a truck that will carry the 21 puppies bound for Philadelphia on the first leg of their journey. The Bowling Green shelter takes in as many as 40 to 50 puppies a week, says Deana Wehr, rescue and transport manager, enough to fill the transport vehicle every month.

    To combat puppy mills, The HSUS helps convert pet stores to adoption centers

    All of the puppies loaded onto the transport truck in Bowling Green were headed on journeys, leaving Kentucky to find new homes. The April 2014 transport would take them from the South, where puppies are plentiful, to rescues in the Northeast, where higher spay/neuter rates prevail.

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