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Animal Care Expo 2016 special session: What does "responsible" pet ownership look like?

Presenters Amy Mills and James Evans discuss how our work with animals intersects with human-centric initiatives and what we can do to effectively bring animal issues to the fore-front.

Animal Care Expo 2016 special session: What Does “Responsible” Pet Ownership Really Look Like?

Have you ever wondered how the story we're telling impacts the public's perception of animals and the people who care for them? In this thought-provoking session, explore how the way we communicate our work is powerful and can impact attitudes more than we may think. Discover new and positive ways to bring animal issues into mainstream consiousness when you watch this special session from Animal Care Expo 2016.

Presenters: James Evans, CEO & Creative Director, illume communications; Kenny Lamberti, Director, Strategic Engagement, The HSUS; Amy Mills, Chief Executive Officer, Emancipet

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