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Animal Care Expo 2019

April 15-18, 2019 in New Orleans. Register today!

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Colin E. Braley

  • Feature Article

    Bunny days ahead

    In many shelters, rabbit care is improving by leaps and bounds

    Rabbits were once relegated to back rooms in animal shelters, with care that was woefully inadequate by today’s standards. Now, as shelters’ and rescues’ knowledge and resources expand, bunny care is leaping into the modern age.

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  • Feature Article

    Can’t we all just get along?

    Why public and private animal welfare organizations have a moral obligation to work together

    While public and private animal welfare organizations have historically had a hard time getting along, animal homelessness requires a community solution. We check in with two public and private shelter leaders who put their differences aside for the sake of a shared mission.

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Animal Sheltering

Magazine - Winter 2018

In this issue: Getting to know your community means getting outside your own four walls; a major push to help animals in Puerto Rico; taking effective evidentiary photos in cruelty cases; a rescuer argues for setting aside labels to make more of an impact for animals; why maintaining shelter animals’ emotional health is so important; and more.


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  • Magazine Article

    On the right track

    Dennis Tyler, third from left, helps deliver dogs from Florida to members of the Philadelphia Greyhound Connection at a stop in New Jersey.

    Florida group finds homes near and far for retired racing dogs

    The president of a Florida group that finds homes for retired racing dogs discusses the challenges and rewards of helping move hundreds of greyhounds into loving homes each year.

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  • Magazine Article

    Changing perceptions in the tar heel state

    Leigh Casaus, director of the Randolph County Animal Shelter in North Carolina, says her proudest accomplishment is having opened her shelter to working more with rescue groups so that more animals’ lives can be saved.

    Shelter director battles idea that pets are disposable

    Leigh Casaus discusses the best and most frustrating aspects of her job as the director of the Randolph County Animal Shelter in North Carolina.

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  • Magazine Article

    Animal house

    A fraternity fundraiser brought in $12,000 for the Washington Humane Society. It’s money the shelter can put toward important programs, as well as special TLC like the canine manicure being performed here by Gina Lantella, animal care manager, with help from former staff member and current volunteer Stacey Severe.

    A fraternity chapter raises thousands for its local shelter

    Proving that sometimes fundraising dollars can come from unexpected places, a fraternity chapter at a university in Washington, D.C., recently raised a whopping $12,000 for its local shelter.

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