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Present at Animal Care Expo 2020

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Cheryl Gerber/AP Images for the HSUS

  • Feature Article

    Helping hands across the island

    In a huge collaborative effort, an HSUS-led coalition brings veterinary services to the pets of Puerto Rico

    The pet owners of Puerto Rico have welcomed Spayathon™ with open arms, arriving early and waiting for hours to get their animals sterilized and vaccinated. The unprecedented initiative, spearheaded by the Humane Society of the United States, has serviced thousands of pets and produced nearly as many heartwarming stories.

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    Smart moves for winning grants

    Foundation funding can take your programs from good to great, but it takes more than a big idea to walk away with the cash

    The money is out there, but the competition is fierce. While there are plenty of foundations making grants available to animal welfare groups, you need more than good intentions (or dumb luck) to tap into this funding source.

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Animal Sheltering

Magazine - Spring 2019

In this issue: Getting to know your community means getting outside your own four walls; a major push to help animals in Puerto Rico; taking effective evidentiary photos in cruelty cases; a rescuer argues for setting aside labels to make more of an impact for animals; why maintaining shelter animals’ emotional health is so important; and more.


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  • Magazine Article

    Let that be a lesson to you

    Jo Dean Hearn of Wayside Waifs presents a lesson from her “No MoreBullies!” curriculum to third-graders in Kansas City, Mo. She often brings Wally, her English cocker spaniel, to help children connect with her message of kindness toward humans and animals.

    Humane education programs can support schools, enthrall students, and promote kindness

    To succeed as a humane educator, you’ve got to know your audience as well as the school system’s requirements.

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    Million-dollar ideas

    The tools of the spay/neuter trade might be changing. The Michelson Prize and Grants program is putting up millions of dollars to inspire researchers to devise a nonsurgical alternative to conventional surgery.

    Michelson Prize and Grants program spurs research into nonsurgical spay/neuter

    The Michelson Prize and Grants program put up millions of dollars to inspire researchers to devise a nonsurgical alternative to conventional surgery. How do things look so far?

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  • Magazine Article

    The importance of isolation

    Reflections on rabies and other infectious diseases

    A tragic case in North Dakota—where a rabies outbreak forced a shelter to euthanize its entire dog population—offers a valuable lesson for all shelters.

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