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Animal Care Expo session submission

Join us as a presenter at Animal Care Expo 2019 in New Orleans!

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Photo by Colin E. Braley

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    Sheltering people and pets

    The Jackson Galaxy Project and retrofit shelters for vulnerable families

    Seventy-one percent of women who own pets and enter domestic violence shelters report that their abuser threatened, harmed or killed their pet as a form of psychological control—yet less than 3 percent of those shelters allow pets in the U.S.

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    The little clinic that could

    Animal Care Expo legacy is still going strong at a West Virginia spay/neuter clinic

    As Donna Spencer tells it, one of her most life-altering experiences took place 22 years ago during a visit to Las Vegas.

    She didn’t win (or lose) a fortune at the casinos or get married at a drive-through chapel. What Spencer did in Vegas was even more meaningful, and it would impact countless lives in the years to come.

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Animal Sheltering

Magazine - Spring 2018

Fostering progress in animal welfare

The Humane Society of the United States’ Animal Sheltering works to create a world where people and animals thrive, living happy, healthy lives together by focusing on key areas of impact:

Addressing solvable behavior, pet care issues and housing-related problems to Keep Pets in Homes. Striving to Protect Cats by promoting innovative tools for managing cats wherever they live.

Reaching Underserved Communities by increasing access to pet care and wellness services and information.

And working to Increase Adoptions for pets already in shelters and rescue groups.


Tools and resources

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    Put it in writing

    Written agreements were key to rescue efforts in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey and helped ensure that partnering organizations were pulling in the same direction.

    Good written agreements make for better relationships, in disasters and everyday shelter work

    Twelve years ago, Hurricane Katrina left chaos in its wake. Animal welfare agencies across the country hustled to get animals to safety, but the scope of such a massive response made it difficult to coordinate efforts. Sometimes it was hard to tell who was in charge of what, who had the authority to make decisions, or where animals had gone post-evacuation. 

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    When love isn’t enough

    Rescue isn’t all heartwarming success stories, and sometimes hard cases call for tough decisions

    With his wagging tail and happy demeanor, the golden retriever-spaniel mix looks like a friendly, approachable dog. And for a brief moment, he is.

    “You can pet him for about two seconds, and then he’ll nail you,” says Karen Deeds, a trainer and certified dog behavior consultant in Fort Worth, Texas.

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    Identifying and treating mouths full of hurt

    Cats won't open up and say "ah" when they've got a toothache.

    Cats with dental problems may be suffering in silence

    It wasn’t that long ago that we failed to understand pain in our companion animals. You may recall veterinarians in the past saying things like, “Animals don’t feel pain like we do.”

    In fact, when I went to veterinary school in the late-1980s, we weren’t taught to provide pain relievers for animals after common procedures such as spay/neuter or dental work, including extraction of teeth. Typically, our patients received short-acting pain medicine in the hospital, and then were sent home to rest and recover.

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  • Magazine Article

    Lucky's break

    After being rescued from a puppy mill and overcoming a hip injury, Loki now has the freedom to pursue life's pleasures.

    In the rescue world, we see just about everything, but nothing prepared us at Tanner’s P.A.W.S. in upstate New York for our first puppy mill rescue dog. We named her Lucky, because that’s what she was.

    An 8-month-old miniature poodle, Lucky was rescued from a puppy mill in Ohio. (We’re part of a team of rescue groups that pulls dogs from mills.) We were told she had a hip issue. Our rescue team told us to have a wheelchair ready because they didn’t know if she was ambulatory. We stepped up and made the commitment to save her.

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    Below the rim

    The people and horses of Supai live in one of the most remote places in the country. That’s created challenges for the animals’ care—but a group of equine experts recruited by The HSUS is trying to help.

    In a remote canyon community in Arizona, The HSUS brings help to working horses

    From the trailhead that leads to Havasu Falls, you can gaze over a vast, wild place still largely unaltered by humans. From the edge of the canyon, looking out at the towering stone ridges and the sun-speckled desert valley, listening to the wind whistle around the rocks, it seems like it could be 100, 1,000, even 10,000 years ago, when this isolated Arizona chasm leading to the Colorado River and the Grand Canyon would have looked much the same.

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  • Magazine Article

    Animal Sheltering’s 2017 gift guide

    Holiday gifts for your favorite shelter and rescue humans

    Americans love animals to the tune of 90 million dogs and 94 million cats in homes across the country, and yet many know very little about the daily work that animal control officers, veterinarians, volunteers, adoption counselors, community cat coordinators, kennel managers, behaviorists, shelter directors and humane educators do to help the people and animals in their communities.

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