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Tour of duty

Service members are a force for good at Virginia shelter

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    Hope in the heartland

    Ohio law could trigger more reforms in the puppy mill industry

    The puppy mill industry makes millions while forcing dogs to live in deplorable conditions, but a new law in Ohio could lead to additional reforms.

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    Game changers

    Tips for moving past stalemate in your cat-trapping efforts

    We’ve gathered trapping tips from experts around the country that will help you with everything from setting the bait to sealing the deal.

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Animal Sheltering

Magazine - Fall 2018

Author Katherine A. McGowan describes how coalition building can maximize the positive impact of animal-related organizations on their communities. McGowan demonstrates that, by finding common ground and putting aside their differences, such groups can tackle difficult problems beyond the solution by any one agency.


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    Soup for skittish souls

    Coconut (left) was initially the most emotionally damaged dog from this Michigan puppy mill rescue, says the ASPCA’s Kristen Collins, but in 2013, she graduated from the nonprofit’s behavioral rehabilitation program with flying colors.

    Canine rehab research results in permanent facility and mentorship program

    In June 2010, the ASPCA assisted local authorities in Tennessee with a hoarding case, racing in the blistering heat to catch, assess and transport 100 dogs to partner shelters.

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    Neighbor-Hood watch

    In Virginia, a complex hoarding situation led to the founding of Operation Hood, a feline rescue and trap-neuter-return nonprofit.

    In Virginia, community joins law enforcement to address out-of-control cat colony

    When Alyssa Ellison started working as an animal control officer in Spotsylvania County, Virginia, in 2013, the sheriff ’s office was fielding as many as 80 calls a month about a group of cats near the city of Fredericksburg.

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    When animal rescue isn't

    In 2011, 150 dogs and 50 cats were seized from nonprofit Dirty Sally’s Pet Pals.

    Some groups that claim to be helping animals are actually hurting them

    At Montgomery County Animal Services in Maryland, cruelty investigator Jack Breckenridge thumps a single arrest warrant onto his desk. The stack of paper is an inch thick.

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