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Animal Sheltering

Animal Sheltering is for everyone who cares about the animals in their community—from shelter directors and animal care and control officers to kennel staff, volunteers, and private individuals working as activists, breed rescuers, wildlife rehabbers, veterinarians and more.

Content by Animal Sheltering

  • Magazine Article

    Scrap the trap

    <em>Animal Sheltering</em> magazine Summer 2018

    Download this Mouthpiece to let your community know there are better ways to handle wildlife conflicts

    Download this Mouthpiece to let your community know that there are better ways to handle wildlife conflicts.

    Browse additional Mouthpieces designed to aid your community outreach. To submit a PSA your organization designed, contact us at

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  • Magazine Article

    Model behavior

    Humane Society Silicon Valley in California is the first shelter to meet “model shelter” standards issued by the Association of Shelter Veterinarians.

    Humane Society Silicon Valley reaches a milestone by meeting ‘model shelter’ standards

    Like a mountain, a marathon or a long neglected inbox, the Association of Shelter Veterinarians’ standards for humane animal sheltering—all 543 of them—are out there, waiting to be conquered.

    Developed by 14 veterinary professionals and released in 2010, the ASV Guidelines for Standards of Care in Animal Shelters give animal welfare organizations of all types a road map for ongoing self-evaluation and improvement. The standards aim to help ensure that organizations recognize and meet their animals’ physical, mental and behavioral needs.

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  • Magazine Article

    A Hardy soul

    Hardy survived cruelty that required surgery, and his resilient spirit captured the hearts of staffers at Alley Cat Rescue in Maryland.

    When an animal control officer brought the young cat to the Prince George’s County Animal Services Facility in Maryland, he had severe wounds to his ears, toes, limbs and tail that left him limping and weak. He had been found wandering around an apartment building, disoriented and confused. His ears were gashed open, and his toes were hanging on by threads. Because of the severity of his injuries and the fact that he would need extensive treatment, Alley Cat Rescue stepped up to handle the care of this traumatized cat.

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