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Ashley Mutch

Ashley Mutch is a Mentorship and Training Manager with Pets for Life (PFL) at The Humane Society of the United States (HSUS), traveling all over the country to train organizations in the PFL approach of reaching and serving people and pets living in their underserved communities. Ashley started with PFL in 2011 as the Manager of the Philadelphia program and applies knowledge acquired during that time to the mentorship groups she guides today. Prior to joining The HSUS, Ashley worked as a Humane Law Enforcement Officer in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Content by Ashley Mutch

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    "I know what's best for your dog"

    The euthanasia of a dog she removed from a family is moment the author's evolution began.

    Ashley Mutch takes a tough look back at her journey from putting people in their place, to putting herself in theirs

    With a love for animals and with my criminal justice degree in hand, I began my career in animal welfare as a humane law enforcement officer. In my mind, it couldn’t get any better than this. I had such a drive, a pure desire to rescue animals. I would be the voice for the animals who couldn’t speak for themselves. I was empowered. I would find them, rescue them and get them into what I was sure were better, more loving homes.

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