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Bernard Unti

Bernard Unti is Senior Policy Advisor and Special Assistant to the President & CEO of The Humane Society of the United States, and works on wide range of strategic, policy, program, and communications priorities.  An historian by training, he’s spoken and written extensively on the history of animal protection, the evolution of human attitudes toward animals, humane education, sheltering, and related topics.   He’s a keen collector of historical ephemera relating to the cause of animals, he loves to speak to humane groups, and he has the best PowerPoint slides.

Content by Bernard Unti

  • Magazine Article

    Shaping kinder kids, Part I: Humane Abe

    HSUS senior policy advisor Bernard Unti recalls one of Lincoln's lesser known legacies

    As animal welfare leaders continue to push the sheltering and rescue field into the future, finding new strategies to tackle the roots of animal homelessness and cruelty, it pays to keep in mind that kindness has roots as well.

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  • Blog Post

    Investing in animal advocates of the future

    At the local level, humane education is thriving, despite challenges that include limited resources, the requirements of core curriculum mandates, the demands of program evaluation, the need for teacher training and the politicization of the classroom.

    Anyone can become a humane educator or public speaker with a bit of training and guidance.

    One of the greatest authenticated anecdotes about the greatest of American presidents concerns his speech advocating kindness to animals, given in a classroom along the frontier in the early 1820s. There is no exact record of his remarks, but one witness recalled that “Abe preached against cruelty to animals, contending that an ant’s life was to it, as sweet as ours to us.”

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