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Bonney Brown

Bonney Brown is the president of Humane Network and former executive director of the Nevada Humane Society.

Content by Bonney Brown

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    Lasting impressions

    Interviews with local media can raise your organization’s profile and establish its presence in the community.

    Making your organization a vital presence in the community

    No wonder we often feel that we’re experiencing information overload: A 2011 study found that each of us is bombarded by the equivalent of 174 newspapers’ worth of information a day. How do you cut through the noise and rise above the sheer volume of information to reach the supporters you need for your lifesaving work?

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    Having ‘the talk’ with your board of directors

    Remember that most board members get involved because they care about animals and want to make a difference. Focus on helping them empower the organization, and it’ll keep all of you smiling. (Shown from left are Nevada Humane Society board members Tierra Bonaldi and Krys Bart, former community program director Diane Blankenburg and Rod Cooper of Granite Construction Co.)

    It doesn’t have to be awful—in fact, it can empower them

    When you hear the words “board of directors,” do you feel stressed out? Frustrated?

    If so, you may have something in common with your board members.

    In a recent Stanford University survey, over a quarter (27 percent) of nonprofit board members said they do not believe that their colleagues have a strong understanding of the mission and strategy of their organization, and over half feel that their fellow board members lack a full understanding of their own roles and responsibilities.

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    Sharing stories, saving lives

    When puppy Bali needed lifesaving surgery, donors gave more than $20,000, far exceeding her veterinary costs.

    Raising funds and finding homes to help special-needs pets

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