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Bonney Brown

Bonney Brown is the president of Humane Network and former executive director of the Nevada Humane Society.

Content by Bonney Brown

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    The art of communication

    Knowing what to say and how to say it can boost your organization’s effectiveness

    A dog walks into a bar, jumps up on a barstool and says, “Hey, how about a drink?” The bartender stares for a moment and replies, “Sure, the toilet is around the corner.” Silly as this old joke is, we all know the feeling: Sometimes the results of our best efforts at communication are disappointing.

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    Nurturing the Bond

    Sometimes the human-animal bond just needs a little support to enable it to flourish. Here a man cuddles his dog during a Nevada Humane Society event that provided free vet services for pets of low-income and homeless people.

    A sympathetic ear can go a long way to keeping pets in homes

    The sheltering and rescue field is all about the human-animal bond. Adoption programs aim to facilitate and enhance the bond between people and pets. We rely on the strength of this bond to drive the donations that make our work possible. But equally, we know the frustration of seeing the bond strained to the point of people surrendering their pets.

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    Turbocharging pet adoptions and community engagement

    Bark Antony and Cleocatra entertained adopters during an Egyptian-themed event at the Nevada Humane Society. The playful promotion coincided with a local art museum’s Egyptian antiquities exhibit.

    What shelters can learn from those cheesy used car salesmen

    Cars, mattresses and pets—no obvious connection, yet there is one similarity: All are infrequent acquisitions. Statistics show that people buy a car every 10 years and a mattress every seven years. While those of us working in animal welfare see pet adoptions almost every day, the average person only acquires a few pets over the course of a lifetime.

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