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Cory A. Smith

Cory Smith is the former Director of Companion Animal Public Policy at The Humane Society of the United States (HSUS), leading programs and policy work designed to prevent pet homelessness and strengthen communities. Cory was with The HSUS for ten years and her previous background is in animal control/humane law enforcement, and shelter operations and management.

Content by Cory A. Smith

  • Blog Post

    Sharing our society with dogs

    Targeting dogs by breed is not only unethical and short-sighted, but also takes us further away from achieving our goal of establishing safe, humane communities.

    Cory Smith, director of public policy for The HSUS, explores the realities of dog attacks and opportunities we have to prevent them

    Recently, a number of extremely disturbing dog attacks have made headlines. It’s part of my job to be aware of these incidents and to try and understand how they occurred. Professionally, I become absorbed in the details of these terrible cases as I study them to try and gauge what went wrong. But they keep me up at night. Personally, I find them terribly sad and disturbing, and I work hard to block them out.

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    Reflections of a former ACO

    An animal control officer helps people and pets in his community, like this man who needed a collar for his cat who kept licking her shoulder wound.

    "Abandonment" may be more complicated than it seems

    In my six years as an animal control and humane law enforcement officer at a high-volume, open-admission urban animal shelter, I responded to plenty of abandonment cases. You know the ones—dogs, cats, rabbits, reptiles and other animals left in seemingly empty homes or yards, with no one around to explain what had happened or why they were there.

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    Is that law really necessary?

    Cory Smith, director of pet protection & policy for The HSUS, examines whether the solution to pet issues lies in advocating for new laws or outside the bounds of the legal system.

    In these first few months of 2016, many state legislatures will be tackling serious issues regarding animal management and welfare. At The HSUS, our priorities for state-level companion animal-related legislation include the elimination of gas chambers for euthanasia; increasing access to spay/neuter, veterinary care, and housing that welcomes pets; and addressing issues like animal fighting, puppy mills, pets in hot cars, standards of care for outdoor dogs, and cost of animal care in large-scale seizures.

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