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Danielle Bays

Danielle Jo Bays is the Community Cats Program Manager for The Humane Society of the United States (HSUS), utilizing her skills in public policy, hands-on TNR, networking and resource development to expand The HSUS’s community cat work nationwide. Prior to rejoining The HSUS, Danielle served as the Program Manager for the community cats program at the Washington Humane Society in Washington, D.C. and continues to be a strong and passionate voice for community cats in her neighborhood and city. 

Content by Danielle Bays

  • Blog Post

    Cat equality now!

    Too often, our feline friends get the short stick on medical care. We can help!

    August 22nd is National Bring Your Cat to the Vet Day. It seems like kind of a weird holiday, but it makes more sense when you consider the fact that half of cats in this country don’t get regular veterinary care. It’s true, according to a 2012 survey of cat owners by Bayer Healthcare in conjunction with the American Association of Feline Practitioners (AAFP). And we’re talking about owned cats, not un-owned or loosely owned community cats.

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  • Blog Post

    The ogre that wasn't

    My cats, including 17-year-old Monroe who had never shown interest in going outdoors before, now spend the majority of their time in the catio.

    I finally got my catio built, and my cats couldn't be happier

    A few years back I attended a panel discussion at Animal Care Expo where Barbara Carr, then director of the Erie County SPCA, talked about the Ogre of Procrastination. You know—that big ugly monster of an incomplete project that looms over you, causing you to lose sleep and remaining undone? It’s the thing that, no matter how simple or how complicated, has morphed into a mythical creature of such proportions that the task seems impossible.

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  • Magazine Article

    Not here, kitty, kitty

    Gardens and landscaping can present tempting lounging spots, but not every homeowner welcomes community cats.

    Practical solutions can keep community cats away from areas where they’re not welcome

    High- and low-tech solutions keep community cats away from where they're not wanted.

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