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Denise Fleck

Denise Fleck was raised by a Great Dane and has spent her life loving animals. Although she teaches high school animal care, her specialty is pet first aid and CPR. She presents workshops on how to be a better pet parent and pet disaster preparedness, and has written a children’s book on animal welfare issues. Denise and her husband Paul share their lives with two rescued Japanese Akitas. Learn more at

Content by Denise Fleck

  • Magazine Article

    Learning the ROPs

    After spending the morning scrubbing feral cat crates, Janna So socializes Coco during on-the-job training at Burbank Animal Shelter.

    At Burbank Animal Shelter, kids learn to care, clean, and prepare for a possible animal career

    Brenda Castaneda credits a Regional Occupational Program (ROP) class she took in high school for spurring her on her career path. The class taught Castaneda—now superintendent at Burbank Animal Shelter (BAS) in California—to perform basic jobs around her local animal shelter, and got her interested in doing something with animals later on. In 2007, she looked into offering such a class at her own shelter, and much to her surprise, the school district quickly green-lighted her request.

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