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Julie Falconer

As senior editor of the award-winning Animal Sheltering magazine, Julie Falconer writes and edits articles for the sheltering, rescue and animal control fields. Before joining the staff of the Humane Society of the United States, Julie was a longtime volunteer with rescue and animal advocacy organizations in Central Virginia. She spends much of her free time assisting with trap-neuter-return programs for community cats.

Content by Julie Falconer

  • Magazine Article

    Tails on the trails

    Nonprofit Free Animal Doctor and Airbnb offer excursions with rescue dogs

    On the eastern edge of the Santa Monica Mountains in California, Runyon Canyon Park is known for its rugged trails, celebrity sightings, and impressive views of the Los Angeles basin, the iconic Hollywood sign and, on a clear day, the Pacific Ocean.

    Among locals, the park has also long been known as a great place to take dogs, with several designated off-leash areas. But until recently, the dog-friendly policies weren’t much of a draw for tourists.

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  • Magazine Article

    One fine day

    A dog and owner wait their turn at a 2012 clinic in Chicago.

    World Spay Day hits quarter-century mark

    Spay Day celebrates a quarter century of litter prevention.

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  • Magazine Article

    Senior promise

    Retirees help showcase the vitality of senior shelter pets

    Senior people help promote senior pets in North Carolina.

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