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Karen E. Lange

Karen E. Lange is a senior writer at the Humane Society of the United States.

Content by Karen E. Lange

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    A tale of ordinary to extraordinary

    Danny and Ron’s Rescue cares for as many as 100 dogs at one time in a sprawling, ranch-style house on their farm.

    This pair rescued a few dogs and went on to help more than 1,000

    Filmmaker Ron Davis describes the inspiration for Life in the Doghouse, a heartwarming documentary of love and rescue.

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    Weathering the storms, part II

    HSUS rescuer and senior wildlife adviser Dave Pauli works with a horse in Vieques who had wandered off her property before Hurricane Irma and was discovered in horrible condition. Her treatment included a tetanus vaccination, vitamins, deworming paste and quality feed.

    Going the distance for pets in Puerto Rico

    On an ordinary day, the main plaza in Vieques’ Isabel Segunda neighborhood comes alive with town hall meetings or morning yoga classes. But on Oct. 1, 11 days after Hurricane Maria struck the small island off the coast of Puerto Rico, the plaza was filled for a very different reason.

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    Weathering the storms, part I

    Staff and volunteers from The HSUS and other groups prepare to whisk homeless cats and dogs out of Hurricane Irma’s path in Florida and deliver them to HSUS emergency placement partners.

    Facing a string of hurricanes, animal welfare groups leap into action

    Late last summer, storm after storm pounded Texas, Florida and Puerto Rico. But thanks to disaster preparation and purposeful collaboration, animal welfare organizations rescued thousands of shelter pets, wildlife and farm animals—and ensured that owned pets were reunited with their families once the storms subsided.

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