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Karen E. Lange

Karen E. Lange is a senior writer at the Humane Society of the United States.

Content by Karen E. Lange

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    Disappearing act

    USDA removes vital information for combating puppy mills and other abusive industries

    At 11 a.m. on Feb. 3, Amanda Gossom of The HSUS’s puppy mills campaign was doing a routine part of her job, researching online inspection records for USDA-licensed dog breeders, when suddenly she hit a wall.

    She’d typed in the next breeder’s name and clicked search, expecting the usual information. Instead, she got an error message.

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    Fostering hope

    An inspiring look at a practice that helps shelters and rescues save more lives. Could you be a foster hero?

    For weeks, the small bull terrier mix waited in the shelter, her face obscured by a plastic cone. May had come to the Washington Humane Society in early November, after college students in a D.C. group house could no longer care for her. The last one to move out dropped her off at the shelter. Being in a kennel made her anxious. She rubbed her ears raw, and they became infected. She chewed her tail.

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    New route to adoption

    Kentucky Departure: Bearing dogs in their arms and over their shoulders, volunteers with the Bowling Green/Warren County Humane Society load a truck that will carry the 21 puppies bound for Philadelphia on the first leg of their journey. The Bowling Green shelter takes in as many as 40 to 50 puppies a week, says Deana Wehr, rescue and transport manager, enough to fill the transport vehicle every month.

    To combat puppy mills, The HSUS helps convert pet stores to adoption centers

    All of the puppies loaded onto the transport truck in Bowling Green were headed on journeys, leaving Kentucky to find new homes. The April 2014 transport would take them from the South, where puppies are plentiful, to rescues in the Northeast, where higher spay/neuter rates prevail.

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