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Katenna Jones, C.P.D.T.

Katenna Jones is the director of educational programs for the Association of Pet Dog Trainers, where she works to assist and support dog trainers in continuing education. She has worked in animal shelters since 2000, providing professional development and consultations in animal behavior, training, and stress reduction. She is an associate certified applied animal behaviorist, certified cat and dog behavior consultant, and certified pet dog trainer. She lives in Rhode Island with her husband, adopted cats, and an adopted AmStaff mix.

Content by Katenna Jones, C.P.D.T.

  • Magazine Article

    Fetching the perfect trainer

    Are you inadvertently promoting worrisome training methods?

    Many shelters and rescues allow pet care and service professionals like dog trainers to put their cards and fliers at their front desk or in their lobby. What some people don't realize is that by offering this advertising space, your organization could be seen to be recommending that person or service—whether you mean to or not. What’s your vetting process?

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