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Kelly Huegel

Kelly Huegel is a former staff writer for the Humane Society of the United States.

Content by Kelly Huegel

  • Magazine Article

    A tale of two cities

    For every life saved, staff at Stockton Animal Services add a marble to a jar at the front desk. Since partnering wiht the San Francisco SPCA, the shelter has been able to stockpile more marbles than staff thought possible.

    Mentorship helps struggling shelter mount massive turnaround

    Things were sunny in San Francisco in 2011. Maybe not in the literal sense, thanks to its legendary fog, but at the San Francisco SPCA (SFSPCA), the outlook for the city’s animals was bright.

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  • Magazine Article

    Just passing through

    Closing temporary housing gaps for pets whose owners leave the country

    When Danny Burke first stopped by Christina Bamaca’s house in the Little Village neighborhood of Chicago to drop off cats Fluffy and Rocky from their spay/neuter appointments, he had no idea what he’d stumbled upon. There was a Maltese, a cocker spaniel, a German shepherd, a St. Bernard, and as he looked around, the dogs just kept appearing. Was it a hoarding situation? A breeding operation?

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    Block by block

    Chicago residents line up for a Pets for Life (PFL) community event. PFL brings spay/neuter services, vaccination clinics, training classes and other resources to underserved communities across the country.

    Reaching your community means getting outside your doors and knocking on theirs

    Back when Matt Piccone worked for a cable company in Rochester, N.Y., his job was to disconnect people who were stealing service. “I was in and out of 200 yards a day unannounced,” he says. In those yards and back alleys, he found more than illegal cable hookups: He saw dogs tied up all day, animals in need of veterinary care and stray cats struggling to care for their litters.

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