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Leigh Siegfried, C.P.D.T.-K.A.

Leigh Siegfried is a certified professional dog trainer and the owner of Opportunity Barks Behavior & Training, a dog training and behavior consulting company serving the Philadelphia area. For more information, visit

Content by Leigh Siegfried, C.P.D.T.-K.A.

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    Decoding dog play

    Lola greets Leroy through a fence, a good way to proceed with a dog-to-dog introduction.

    To make the best matches, determine how social a dog is with other dogs

    Understanding dog-to-dog interaction is vital for shelters and rescues as well as dog owners and potential adopters. By determining dog sociability while dogs are in their care, shelters and rescues can create opportunities for pairing dogs in shared housing or play groups—practices that can decrease the animals’ stress if done well. Developing an understanding of how dog-social or dog-tolerant a dog is can help create the best lifestyle matches for adopters eager to take their pups to dog-friendly places.

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