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Matt Wildman

Matt Wildman was a tenant advocate under the auspices of The Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) for four years, and now volunteers as a tenant advocate for The Mayor’s Alliance for NYC’s Animals. Matt has worked as a humane educator and volunteer coordinator at NYC’s Animal Care Centers, and he served as an NYC public high school history teacher for eight years. He can be reached at

Content by Matt Wildman

  • Blog Post

    Do you have the right to keep your pet?

    Tenant advocacy helps keep pets and families together

    Would you believe me if I said that in the past 6 years I have adopted out more than 400 dogs and cats, 99 percent of them either adult cats—often very old cats—or large breed dogs, typically pitbull-type dogs? How about if I said I did this at the cost of approximately $75 a month?

    Well, if you don’t believe me … you’re right. I didn’t adopt out 400 hard-to-place dogs and cats. I did something even better ... I kept them in their homes.

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  • Magazine Article

    Love on the lease

    Las Vegas apartment complex takes a winning approach to community cats

    Tonja Bradford, property manager of The Palms Apartments in Las Vegas, takes pride in making sure that her residents’ needs are met, that they enjoy the spacious grounds the property has to offer, and that the apartment complex is a safe and happy home.

    And the dozens of community cats who call The Palms home are grateful.

    “It wasn’t like we decided to open a feral cat B&B; it just kind of happened,” explains Bradford, who has managed the 200-unit property for six years.

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