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Matthew Pepper

Matthew Pepper is the director of Bernalillo County Animal Care Services. He has more than 13 years of leadership experience in the field of animal care and control in both nonprofit and municipal capacities. He serves on the board of directors for the National Animal Control Association.

Content by Matthew Pepper

  • Magazine Article

    Partnering for pets and people

    Accompanied by county commissioner Art De La Cruz (in blue) and local children and pets, Matthew Pepper announces the opening of a dog park in Bernalillo County.

    A collaborative effort between animal care services and the sheriff's department reaps rewards

    At some point in our life, most of us have moved furniture, whether it’s shoving a couch up three flights of stairs into a new apartment or getting the new refrigerator from the garage into the kitchen. It is possible to do alone, but is considerably easier and more effective with many hands chipping in.

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