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Michael Sharp

Michael Sharp is a former Senior Content Editor at The Humane Society of the United States.

Content by Michael Sharp

  • Magazine Article

    What goes down ...

    ... sometimes comes back up

    Your adopters and novice foster caregivers may not be prepared for that horking sound longtime cat owners know so well. Here’s what one kitty devotee learned when he explored the world of cat vomit.

    I was standing in the kitchen making a sandwich when I heard that fateful sound.

    Hhuallck. Hhuallck. Hhhuuuaaalllck.

    I know this sound well.

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  • Magazine Article

    A breath of fresh air in D.C.

    Shakela Brown speaks with D.C. resident Julia Warren about free pet services.

    New Pets for Life mentorship cities include the nation's capital

    Shakela Brown walked to her car, hoping to sit and rest for a minute after hours of door-to-door canvassing in southeast Washington, D.C.

    But when she pressed the button to unlock her car, nothing happened. After trying it a few more times, she called the dealership: Turns out the clicker needed a new battery. She tried a few stores. She walked up and down Minnesota Avenue. She crossed over to Pennsylvania Avenue.

    No luck.

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  • Magazine Article

    A long time coming

    LIFE MAGAZINE, FEB.4, 1966

    NIH move is momentous in campaign against Class B dealers

    In February 1966, in the weeks after Batman made its television debut and Beatles guitarist George Harrison broke hearts by getting married, millions of Americans met Lucky.

    Life magazine ran a two-page photo of the emaciated English pointer, kicking off a powerful photo essay that introduced the country to the issue of dealers selling dogs—including lost or stolen pets—to laboratories. “YOUR DOG IS IN CRUEL DANGER” warned a headline on the cover.

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