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Pamela Babcock

Pamela Babcock is a writer and editor based in the New York City area. She has written frequently about pet behavior and animal health. Find her online at

Content by Pamela Babcock

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    Fired up

    Justin Davis, a K-9 handler for the city arson bureau in San Antonio, Texas, says his former shelter dog Kai is a bundle of energy who’s found a great outlet in arson investigation.

    Former shelter dogs train to sniff out suspected arsons

    A stray found roaming the streets of Bloomington, Illinois, in 2009, Kai didn’t make the best first impression.

    “I thought she was crazy,” says Justin Davis, an instructor for the San Antonio Fire Training Academy in Texas and K-9 handler for the city’s arson bureau. “I didn’t know what I had gotten into or how it was going to work out. She was like lightning out of her crate. She was off the walls and all over the place.”

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