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Pat Summers

Pat Summers is a New Jersey-based writer focusing on animals and the arts. An animal rescue volunteer, she has also blogged extensively about animals, most recently for three years on the Newark Star-Ledger online pets page.

Content by Pat Summers

  • Magazine Article

    You're in the lifesaving business

    Rescue groups that try to function without strong leadership and business-savvy practices may find that getting things done is like, well, herding cats. Someone has to lead the pride.

    Will you be the rescue group that roared ... or the one that whimpered?

    Do you know this rescue group?

    Based on a passionate but nonspecific foundation—“We love animals!”—its mission statement describes sweeping plans for animal welfare in its city, and the surrounding area, and seemingly anywhere else it can locate on a map. Its members will go wherever help of any kind is needed. Its leaders say yes to any appeal for help.

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  • Magazine Article

    The promise of St. Thomas

    Rhea Vasconcellos, shelter manager, holds Charlie, mascot and spokesdog, at the Humane Society of St. Thomas adoption center’s reception desk.

    Work in the Caribbean has things looking up for animals

    An aerial view of St. Thomas—a mountainous green island in turquoise seas—gives no indication of how many homeless pets live there, breeding ever more puppies and kittens. While the U.S. Virgin Islands are often portrayed as paradise for people, few places in the Caribbean can claim to be paradise for stray dogs or community cats.

    But thanks to a happy teaming of two major do-good forces there, St. Thomas is clearly moving in a more heavenly direction.

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