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Sara Gabriella

Sara Gabriella is a Los Angeles-based freelance writer who frequently writes about issues and organizations making a positive social impact.

Content by Sara Gabriella

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    The rules of attraction

    Studies show that dogs who greet potential adopters from their kennels and know basic commands are more likely to get adopted.

    A little training can go a long way toward making your dogs more adoptable

    Just like people on job interviews or first dates, the dogs in your care only get one chance to make a first impression. Studies show that in the shelter, potential adopters take only moments to evaluate a pooch. With the clock ticking, friendly dogs are more likely to catch adopters’ eyes than those who are shy or misbehaving. By using some simple clicker training (and treats, of course) and getting volunteers and visitors involved, you can help your dogs put their best paw forward during that crucial first meet-and-greet.

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