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Sarah Matisak

Sarah Matisak is the former Senior Shelter Services Coordinator at The Humane Society of the United States, where she worked to develop and connect shelter professionals with the types of resources that shift perspectives and inspire positive change from the ground up.


Content by Sarah Matisak

  • Magazine Article

    A new twist on an old challenge

    An online map tracks the organizations joining the Million Cat Challenge, and veterinarian Kate Hurley says checking the pins that have been added can be addictive.

    Project aims to save a million feline lives

    Veterinarian Kate Hurley had a story rattling around in her brain: She had read about a campaign to reduce mistakes resulting in death and harm, not in veterinary hospitals, but in human hospitals. At an industry conference, the CEO of the Institute for Healthcare Improvement had challenged a roomful of hospital administrators to reach a specific goal—100,000 lives saved over 18 months.

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