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Todd Stosuy

Officer Todd Stosuy is the Field Services Manager for the Santa Cruz County Animal Shelter. Todd has two Bachelors degrees from Rutgers University, one in Criminal Justice and the second in Sociology. Todd has been with the Agency since 2003 and is the former president of the National Animal Control Association.

Content by Todd Stosuy

  • Blog Post

    Can you work bias-free in your community?

    Will the people you interact with spread the message that you are there to help?

    Guest blogger and animal control guru, Todd Stosuy, explains why reducing judgment can still result in a safe community, happy animals and satisfaction that problems have been solved.

    Over the course of more than 13 years in animal care and control, I have found that our profession has a history of being perceived as “the bad guys” in animal welfare. Perhaps these impressions have been created over the years through misunderstandings and miscommunication, but I believe that we haven’t done enough to positively engage our communities or collaborate with our fellow animal welfare professionals.

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  • Magazine Article

    Putting a friendly face on animal control

    Lucky dog Miclo gets a brand-new house thanks to Officer Carlos Montes.

    A door-to-door approach pays dividends in Santa Cruz. Could it work for your agency?

    Far too often, animal control officers find themselves dealing with owners who love their animals, but don’t have the financial means to provide basic care that many take for granted, such as flea medication, proper shelter, or vaccines. Facing fines from well-intentioned animal control agencies, underprivileged owners are often forced to surrender their beloved pets.

    At the Santa Cruz County Animal Shelter in California, we try and take a different approach—one aimed at helping struggling owners keep their pets for life.

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