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Vicki Stevens

Vicki Stevens serves as the Senior Marketing Communications Manager for Companion Animals at The Humane Society of the United States (HSUS), helping to craft effective messaging and working to ensure the game-changing work of the department reaches a wide public audience. A nearly 30-year veteran of the animal welfare field, Vicki has led and contributed to a variety of programs—including those focusing on pet adoption and spay/neuter—at The HSUS and other organizations. Vicki first joined The HSUS as an 11-year-old member of its KIND Club, which spurred a lifelong commitment to humane eating. In her spare time, Vicki has earned two degrees and raised six rescued cats to geriatric adulthood.

Content by Vicki Stevens

  • Blog Post

    World Spay Day, then and now

    The Spayed Club teams with Pets for Life for World Spay Day 2017!

    Long time Spay Day coordinator Vicki Stevens traces how campaigns have evolved throughout the years

    “Don’t bore me. Make it interesting. Creative!” I don’t recall if these were the exact words my new boss, Holly Hazard, used when tasking me with revamping the Doris Day Animal Foundation’s annual Spay Day USA back in the fall of 2000, but that was the essence of her command.

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