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Wanda Merling

Wanda Merling is the Senior Manager of the Disaster Services program for the Animal Rescue Team of The Humane Society of the United States, focusing on developing relationships with external partners and agencies to drive the growth of The HSUS's Disaster Services program and strengthen The HSUS's role in the emergency-response community. With her strong background in coalition building and crisis management, Wanda facilitates new and innovative methods of rescue and recovery for people and their pets during natural disasters.


Content by Wanda Merling

  • Blog Post

    How prepared for disaster are you?

    Is your organization prepared for a disaster? A plan is only effective if it is flexible and it is practiced regularly.

    The senior manager of disaster response for The HSUS walks us through common disaster issues shelters and rescues face, and what we can do to prepare for them

    When I sat down at my computer to write about how shelters need to be prepared for crisis, I could hear reports breaking on CNN about the historic flooding in the state of Louisiana. Of course, I quickly grew distracted and numb watching the devastating images onscreen. Reports of thousands of people rescued—and concerns of animal shelters under water. Even more news of people leaving pets behind and shelters unable to evacuate because of a lack of resources. How could this be? I thought we’d come so far!

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