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Hear different voices each month, from the Animal Sheltering team and other colleagues in animal welfare, reflecting on the most critical issues in our field. Share your own voice in the comments!

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  • The lobby of the Greenville Humane Society is designed to be a retail destination for animal-lovers.

    Good shelter design is good for animals

    How your architecture influences visitors and animal flow

    Many of our new animal shelter clients tell us the same story: Their facility is overcrowded, they struggle to reduce numbers without euthanasia and intake numbers continue to be unwieldy. Compounding the issue is the fact that an overcrowded shelter is harder to keep clean and free of disease, yet it’s more difficult to adopt out sick or stressed animals.

    This cycle sounds familiar because it’s one that almost every shelter faces.

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    Learning to be a pilot light

    The people who attend Animal Care Expo are what makes it great

    A ripple of embarrassment washes over me when I realize I’ve been squirming in my chair. I strain to focus through familiar content just to glean a couple new nuggets of wisdom. Then, directly after lunch, I fight off sleepy daydreams about what’ll be served for dinner, during which time I can use my coveted drink ticket.

    I confess, this is a brief glimpse into what my mind usually does at professional conferences— that is, until I started attending Animal Care Expo.

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    Sgt. Stubby’s legacy

    Sergeant Stubby

    Stray dog turned WWI mascot, subject of new animated film, echoes soldiers’ bonds with dogs around the world

    Any work that brings a piece of animal protection lore to a modern audience never fails to please me as a scholar of both the human-animal bond and the humane movement’s history. Given my affection for mascot narratives, I was excited to learn that the story of Stubby, arguably World War I’s best known mascot, had made it to the big screen.

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    Promoting social justice through spay/neuter

    To improve your services, dive into your community’s issues

    On this World Spay Day 2018, let’s talk about creating a culture of inclusivity and understanding within your spay/neuter programs.

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    State of the Mewnion

    Survey seeks info on effective work for community cats

    "As a people we have played a large part in the world, and we are bent upon making our future even larger than the past."

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    Meet Amy Nichols, the new vice president of Companion Animals for The Humane Society of the United States

    She started with the rescue of one baby bird. And now she can’t wait to do bigger things.

    When I was about 8 years old, I was outside exploring the area around the church gym where my older brother was playing basketball. There were a lot of old trees and multiple window wells near the base of the building, and I was looking at some rocks when I heard a rustle in the leaves and some soft peeping noises. I walked over to the next window well and looked down to see a baby blue jay hopping around.

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    Animal Sheltering’s best of 2017

    We break down this year’s best and most popular pages

    The Animal Sheltering magazine, blog and Animal Care Expo team is small but mighty. Made up of public policy specialists, animal experts and advocacy journalists, many of us are community cat caretakers, rescue volunteers, adopters ourselves. We’re all passionate about helping you better the lives of the people and pets in your community.

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  • Application

    Volunteer at Animal Care Expo

    volunteers and staff at expo registration

    Volunteer at Animal Care Expo for at least 4 hours between Sunday, April 14 and Thursday, April 18, to qualify for discounted registration of just $125! Volunteers support Expo in various ways, from stuffing attendee bags before the conference, to monitoring workshops, assisting with registration, or helping at town hall and other sessions. Shifts vary in length from 1-4 hours, and you can sign up for as many as you’d like.

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  • Training/Event

    Wildlife webinar for animal care and control professionals: Solving Problems with Coyotes

    Humane Society of the United States

    Getting calls about coyote sightings and conflicts in your community? If not, you probably will be soon! Now firmly entrenched in every state (except Hawaii), coyotes are well adapted to urban and suburban areas and are all around us! While their presence is often alarming to the public, conflicts with coyotes can be easily avoided and solved. Join us for this free webinar, which will discuss how the public can reduce coyote attractants in their yards and neighborhood, information about the best way to protect pets, and tools for successfully changing the behavior of problem coyotes.

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  • HSUS Program

    Humane State Ohio

    For Ohio updates, visit our HSUS Ohio State page and the HSUS Ohio Facebook page.

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