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Shout out to our shelter and rescue partners!

Once again it is impossible to highlight just one partner! The last couple of months have been filled with twists and turns in cruelty and neglect cases that have left us stunned!
In July, the Animal Rescue Team responded to a devastating case in Mississippi where the level of dog and cat neglect was shocking. Our vice president of the Animal Rescue Team, Sara Varsa, said the situation was one of the worst cases of neglect she has ever encountered. These heartbreaking images show dogs that endured long-term neglect. The entire team became immediately attached to the animals, so we decided to bring them home. The animals were transported by airplane to Manassas, Virginia where Lost Dog and Cat Rescue Foundation, Homeward Trails Animal Rescue and Angels of Assisi waited anxiously to start the next chapter in the lives of these dogs and cats. The Animal Rescue Team was able to follow-up with visits and found comfort in knowing that these special pets were placed in loving homes close to our Gaithersburg, Maryland headquarters. Learn more

Angels of Assisi responded to another hoarding case in Darlington, South Carolina. It seems that Angels of Assisi can’t go for a solid two weeks without being called upon to rescue animals in need. Part of what makes this Roanoke, Virginia agency so mighty is their unrelenting “can do” attitude. Wait until you see what they are planning in West Virginia!

Most recently, the rescue of 23 puppies in Texas turned out to be a monumental effort. After being found in a dangerously hot truck, 28 French bulldog puppies were brought to a veterinarian in Texarkana, Texas. Sadly, five of the puppies were lost due to the horrific conditions they endured before being rescued. Once released by the court, Chicago French Bulldog Rescue stepped up to take the surviving dogs. To protect the pups--who were still in delicate condition--a private plane was sent to transport them to Chicago. SPCA of Texas sent a veterinarian to Texarkana to provide exams, health certificates and an escort to the airport. It was an amazing effort by all and a unique case that is still ongoing. Read the press release

The collaboration among our shelter and rescue partner groups is lifesaving. Our work would not be possible with you!