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Employer support

How to get employer support to attend Animal Care Expo 2019

One of the best ways to get management support is to submit a formal proposal to your direct supervisor, outlining the organizational benefits of attending the conference. First, determine if your organization has a formal training and/or professional development policy, form and/or designated amounts for their employees. Second, review the daily schedule for the conference online to identify the educational sessions and networking events that address the specific needs within your organization. Third, begin preparing your proposal using the details and information below.

Why Should You Attend?

Animal Care Expo is the largest and most progressive international education/training conference and trade show in the fields of animal care and control, rescue, and emergency services. Celebrating its 28th year, Expo is proud to provide attendees with sessions for shelter and animal care professionals, emergency managers and responders, volunteers, veterinarians and vet technicians, and rescue groups.

At Animal Care Expo 2019, you will have the opportunity to attend more than 80 sessions including Learning Labs and more than 200 exhibition booths. In addition, Expo provides outstanding networking and continuing education opportunities with attendees from animal welfare agencies and shelters across the globe.

Top Benefits of Attendance

  • High-quality sessions from a wide variety of topic tracks.
  • Learn from experts, representatives from government agencies, leaders in the field and fellow practitioners about what’s new, and the challenges, accomplishments, and solutions that are impacting today’s animal care field.
  • Dedicated Trade Show featuring the latest products and services from a variety of exhibitors.
  • Outstanding networking opportunities and special events with more than 2500 colleagues from across the world who are managers, supervisors, and administrators from small, medium, and large organizations.
  • See the Value of Animal Care Expo.

Ideas on How to Overcome Objections to Your Request

Objection: This conference is too expensive.


  • Animal Care Expo is reasonable given the value of the education and networking opportunities provided.
  • The conference features many excellent leaders in the animal welfare field in one place for one price.
  • Volunteering for at least 4 hours qualifies you for discounted registration of just $125. Discounts and special offers are also available to The Scoop subscribers.
  • Animal Care Expo has negotiated very competitive hotel room rates for conference attendees.

Objection: What will the organization gain from your attendance?


Show in your proposal, through examples, how the conference provides:

  • New ideas on how to save time and money, and positively influence your organization's operations.
  • Access to education programming that can be brought back to the organization.
  • Opportunities for relationship-building with experts, colleagues, referral sources, and product and service providers.
  • Opportunities to develop practical knowledge and skills.

Objection: The organization cannot afford to have you away from the office.


  • Have a plan ready that shows how the conference will provide a cross-training opportunity, who will cover for you, and how you can manage your workload while you are away.
  • Remind your supervisor that supporting your attendance at the conference shows the organization’s commitment to your professional development.

How to Create a Successful Proposal

Your proposal should include:

  • A schedule of sessions you'd like to attend and why the knowledge gained will be valuable to your organization. Make your proposal more powerful by listing the department’s goals and objectives and how they relate to the corresponding education sessions.
  • A list of areas where your organization faces challenges, and how the proposed sessions you would like to attend will help you to develop solutions to meet your organization's needs.
  • Include the cost of registration, travel, and accommodations. Download a sample letter of a request to attend the conference to help you develop your own proposal.

1-800-248-EXPO [3976]